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Being an IMG is tough

You’ve faced so much struggle during your medical training, and now the path ahead seems even more challenging. It’s understandable to feel frustrated, disappointed, and uncertain, leading you to question if you made the right decision becoming a doctor.

But we’re here to help ease your burden. We understand how frustrating and disappointing it can be to navigate the journey as an IMG. It’s completely normal to worry about your career, but remember, you are not alone.

You just need the right tools to become a confident IMG who can control negative emotions, build resilience, and boost confidence.

At IMG Secrets, we have the tools you need. As experienced IMGs who have lived in Canada and the USA, our team has worked with hundreds of IMGs just like you – individuals who want guidance on the next steps and to succeed, but nothing seems to be working. Our online coaching offers simple secrets that empower you to help yourself and move forward confidently. Let’s work together to achieve your goals as an IMG.

You will get help by..

Boosting Confidence

Creating Action Plans

Celebrating Success

Saving Time & Money

Through constructive feedback and encouragement, we help IMGs build confidence in their abilities and talents.

Coaches work with IMGs to create personalized action plans to address specific concerns and work towards their career aspirations.

We celebrate even small achievements, acknowledging IMGs’ efforts and successes, which boosts their morale and motivation.

We help IMGs find success early so they save time and money

Tailored Help According to Your Experience

Medical Students/
Fresh Graduates

Determine your eligibility to relocate to Canada.

Get advice on how to increase your chances of matching into residency programs.

Evaluate your communication skills, a crucial requirement.

Receive tips on cultural adaptation and integration.

Explore job opportunities that are available to you.


Determine your eligibility to move in as a fellow or directly as a consultant.

Receive guidance on alternative entry paths to move without exams and obtain Permanent Residency.

Get tips on successfully matching into fellowship programs.

Enhance your interview skills through mock interviews to excel as a fellow.

Explore job opportunities available to you.


Explore the possibility of moving directly as a consultant and understand your options.

Receive guidance on finding and applying for consultant positions.

Enhance your interview skills through mock interviews to excel as a consultant.

Seamlessly integrate into the culture as an expert in your field.

Receive tips on expediting the process of obtaining Permanent Residency.

Who Is Dr. Rajeev Iyer?

  • IMG from India with extensive experience in Canada and the USA
  • American Board Certified Physician Anesthesiologist residing in the USA
  • Coached hundreds of IMGs, American & Canadian Graduates
  • Major leadership positions in the USA and internationally 
  • Reviewer of many journals
  • > 150 peer-reviewed publications; Check on PubMed
  • > 100 invited presentations
  • Understands the challenges and experiences of IMGs
  • Committed to helping you succeed in your journey
  • Provides personalized one-on-one assistance
  • Shares knowledge and guides you through the process
  • Dedicated to overcoming obstacles and maximizing your chances of success

Video Testimonial

Reviews from experts practicing in the USA & Canada

I have just discovered IMG Secrets. Wonderful information. I have been learning about much of this by bites and pieces in the course of hiring IMGs at Geisinger in Anesthesiology. Have learned much more in a little while from your site. Thank you very much!
Dr. Mark Poler
Senior Faculty, Anesthesiologist
July 23, 2023
It's such a detailed and thorough resource. Thanks for doing it Rajeev
Dr. Meera S
Senior Faculty, Hematologist-Oncologist
July 28, 2023
Rajeev, I have referred your website and videos to many of the IMGs. What you have done is amazing. I don't know how you get time to research and make these videos 👏👏
Dr. Rashmi V
Senior Faculty, Anesthesiologist,
August 1, 2023

Our Happy IMGs After Video Coaching Session

I booked a video call. Dr Rajeev Iyer is warm, generous and extraordinarily brilliant in helping one navigate the vagaries of cross-country applications. He ties in his invaluable experience with a profound knowledge of the institutions and tailor-makes solutions for each individual, bringing much-needed and sought-after clarity to what is often a confusing process. Strongly recommended to all who are exploring cross-country applications.


Dr. Daniel Lim

IMG, Singapore (July 7, 2023)

I am an OBGyn & booked a video call with Dr. Rajeev Iyer. The call was welcoming & relaxing. I had all my questions answered & we even went overtime. He reassured me continued help. I am so glad I spoke to him. Highly recommended. 我是一名 OBGyn,并预订了与 Rajeev Iyer 医生的视频通话。电话里充满了欢迎和放松。我所有的问题都得到了解答,我们甚至还加班了。他通过持续的帮助让我放心。我很高兴能和他说话。强烈推荐。

wall, china, architecture-4055548.jpg

Dr. Kai Li

IMG, Canada (July 3, 2023)

I booked a video call. Thank you Dr. Rajeev for the detailed information and explaining whole process on IMG pathways to Canada, looking forward to seeing you again soon


Dr. Mohshan Khokar

IMG, Pakistan (July 16, 2023)

Dr Rajeev Iyer is the nicest IMG doctor I have ever known. And he does not have to be, considering his esteemed position as an accomplished anaesthesiologist at an Ivy League University Hospital in the USA.
I was fortunate to have won a free session with him courtesy of my participation in his last live video session dedicated to IMGs wishing to transition their practice to North America.
Despite having a long day at work, our meeting started as scheduled and he was very professional, detailed, and most importantly honest with his approach on how to craft a winning CV and a personal statement that speaks to the eligibility criteria of any application.

Unlike other successful IMGs in North America, he gave me hope and rekindled my can-do spirit in a terrain where the barrier to entry is especially high for IMGs from low income countries.

Indeed, Dr Rajeev Iyer is a tremendous blessing to the IMG community and I recommend him unreservedly.

doctor, surgeon, hospital-5707722.jpg

Dr. Babajide Oladayo

IMG Nigeria, Africa (Aug 1, 2013)

I am an IMG, an Indian medical graduate student ophthalmologist working as a clinical research fellow outside India.
I was just so confused with so many questions in my mind and that’s when I started seeing Dr Rajeev Iyer’s YouTube videos and I’m surprised that there are so many parts that I can take forward. I got a link below his YouTube video and I put in a request for a session. I was very surprised because his response was very fast, got his email within I think an hour, saying this is Dr Rajeev here and can you please share your CV so that I can assess. I was really happy because this is a very personalized approach which is very necessary for every IMG because each one of us has already done quite a bit of studying and we have quite a bit of experience before we cross borders.
Next day morning, he was there, and we spoke about my situation and what all I’ve studied, what degrees I have and then he counseled me. He checked where all my degrees are valid and what would be the path further from me, what would be the Visas required and he spoke about a lot of stuff and it really gave me a lot of clarity as in how to go forward which I’m not going to share here because each one of us has different paths forward, which is why actually we need someone like Dr Rajeev. To have Clarity we need someone who has experience in this field which is what I got from my session with and thank you so much Dr Rajeev for empowering so many IMGs with your YouTube videos. Thank you for that option of a personalized session because you know how important it was for me that made all the difference.

india, flag, national flag-162319.jpg

Dr. SS

IMG India (July 28, 2023)
Dr Rajeev is an experienced individual who really took time to analyse my situation and help me process the direction I should take moving forward. 
He is very calm and composed, helping to rationalise the best path and also provides alternatives. I am grateful for the help rendered. 
Good advice is rarer than rubies, as it was so in this case as he was generous with his advice
singapore, marina bay sands, landmark-1990090.jpg

Dr. Pravin

IMG Singapore (Aug 8, 2023)

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